Sunday, October 20, 2013

Gods Reality is Within Us

Many have sought God as a form, outside of themselves, when in reality, God is a never ending clear light that has no form. Through out the Universes that exist as expressions of this great, infinite consciousness, there are beings who are stepped down versions of God and these beings have good will, supreme wisdom and Love for all that exists, knowing full well that all that is, is God Itself. Our conventional language, especialy in the west, usess the term HIM for God as the feeling that God is the personification of a powerfull, yet loving male. In parts of India, where spirituality is much deeper that it ever has been in the west, God is worshiped as the DIVINE MOTHER. When the yogi in his/her deep meditation enters the place behind and above that thought stream, created by a brain reflex...they feel and move into the The Clear Light of the very essence of God.

The never ending Clear Light has never not existed, and all matter is but a condensced form of energy, which is itself a very condenseced form of Pure Consciousness....God. The word God is really a title and not a name. The Name of God is expressed by thousands of sounds, uttered from the human voice. YahHehWahHe, from the Kabbalah, Radhasoami, or Sat Nam from Sant Mat, Rama from Hindusim and Allah, or Ilah from Islam. All of these names come from some point in the heart that resonates with the feeling of the divinity that is within us. When we realize that God must be at the core of our being, we stop trying so hard to project an egoistic, "Me and my story" image to others. Since God fills all of space and is the space of space itself, we know that deep within us, deeper than our cells or blood or brain, is the Clear Light of Pure Mind....The Most High.

We then never again fear Death or Deaths many workers and helpers. Death is the just like walking through a doorway, or perhaps a beautiful gate with a garden path, that leads to the light of Heaven. There are many Heavens and beings on other worlds, who look nothing like us in the flesh, have their Heavens. God, who is beyond all form, and does not change, is also beyond all manner of worlds, Heavens, Gardens, Planets, or Hells. God Is. The true seeker seeks much more than Heaven, but seeks God Himself....the Being behind Being, the light behind all thought. When you daydream, worry, go back into the past, try to second guess the future, you are locked in your skull and have not the means to find peace. Letting go of your constant inner chatter is the key. You can do this by holding the image of a clear light that completely sorrounds you and is always with and interpenetrates your body and your mind.

Say to yourself that "Day and night, God dwells within my mind." Which is in fact, the truth. All of your worries will mean nothing a few years from now and when you die, they will also come to naught. Now, this moment is your appointment with eternity and now, this moment, is where the part of you that is also God and in touch with God....dwells.